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Today we were honored to have as our special guests, the well-known and renowned group of singers, “The Ambassadors.” These guys were with us last July (2013) and we look forward to having them back as often as their schedule allows!

The Ambassadors, otherwise known as Mike Harris, Bill Chilcoat, and Reese Klepacz, began arriving around 10:00 AM and started setting up their music equipment. We watched in amazement as they brought in all their gear… and it all came out of the back of a small SUV…we sort of got the idea that they had done that a few times…ha…

After a brief welcome and invocation, the guys got down to the serious stuff … singing for their Lord! They did promise not to sing past lunch time… later we found out why…they love to eat and, being the hosts that we were, we let them go first …BIG mistake … more later!

The guys sang a total of 13 songs, 8 of which are on their newest album just out,
“Joyfully Yours”… a must for every gospel music lover’s collection! They started their performance today with a very touching number, “We Seek Your Face”, then followed that with another message in song, “Just Preach Jesus”… this number is also on their album.

Following that were two more numbers from their album, “Somebody Say AMEN” and “He’s My Song”. Next up was that perinea crowd pleaser and also a “sing along” “I’ll Fly Away”…Hand clapping and foot tapping were now the order of the day!

Somewhere along the way, each introduced himself for those who had not met the guys before …and then more songs of praise!

Three more numbers from their album were next …“That’s Why I Love Him So,” “When God Steps In,” and “We Are Almost Home.” Move over, brother, we are now heavenly bound!

Next up was that happy tune, “He Set Me Free” followed by two more numbers from the album, “He Is Always There For Me” and “I’ve So Much Singing To Do”… don’t quit now guys, we are on the way!

Their last two numbers were special “There Is Nothing Like The Presence” and “Joy In My Heart”…the last number is also on their album and its now in our hearts as well …beautifully done and a magnificent uplift!

Remember, we mentioned that a certain group led the way to the chow line…Well, we can’t (courtesy, you know) mention any names but Reese Klepacz, Mike Harris, and Bill Chilcoat were first in line! They do like to eat!

Just a few of the goodies on hand today…fresh Bing cherries, salad, salad, and more salads, pie, pie, and gobs of pies, all kinds of casseroles including ASPARAGUS casserole, soups galore, and last but not least, a whole tray full or two of fried chicken…almost forgot this item …the Baptist Eggs were there today, too!

To sum it all up … what a blessing it was today to be wrapped up in musical praise and spiritual fellowship…Thank You, Lord…we were blessed today!

Til next month,
Your Senior Gang

AMBASSADORS #1APete & Gordon



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Did you volunteer? Or, were you drafted? That’s the call many a young man was asked during World War II, The Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, The Cold War…and down through our American history…from our country’s very beginnings to present day conflicts!

Did our ancestors contribute or did they pay someone else to do their service for them? When your country calls, can they count on you?

That’s the same message we heard today…Our own Jack Lyons and Ben Cole shared their hearts today about their response when God called…each could have said, “Why Me, Lord” or “Who? Me? Lord, Not Me!”… “Let Someone Else Go!”…

Bro Jack shared his call to Africa and to a place of unbelievable poverty…a place where the presence of Jesus was so sorely needed…a place where the supreme being for hundreds of years was that of witchcraft and ancestral worship…a place where extreme poverty and neglect reigned over all…even the poorest of the poor in our country would be rich by comparison…

Touched by the need and led by the Holy Spirit, Jack has volunteered to return again soon with his Baptist team to share and minister to those far away brethren for, as Jack so graciously said… “God called, I am going”…

Bro Ben shared his calling to Brazil. As he stood tall before us, quietly speaking in his best pastoral voice, Ben (in his stocking feet…Ben always shares shorn of shoes) gave a testimony of what Jesus had done for him and how he had been used to bring the story of Jesus and salvation to hundreds and hundreds of souls in remote areas of Brazil.

Over the years Ben has made many trips to Brazil and has preached salvation in the rural areas as well as in metropolitan churches in the cities. His message is always the same… “Jesus, today and forever”… and plans are already being made to return once again to a country and people that he loves so dearly! God called…He went!

With rapt attention we followed both men today with a renewed feeling and a great spiritual resonance knowing that we too can be a part of these ministries…whether by going, or by giving our support… And the question is not whether or not we will answer, but only WHEN….

Visitors, you honored us so much today with your presence. We pray that you were blessed as we were and that we were a blessing to you as well…

Until next month and the wonderful music of our own Gloryland Transfer…

Your Senior Guys and Gals

P.S. Sorry you missed out on the goodies…we ate ‘em all….

Ben Cole


Jack In South Africia



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What do you call it when the “Joys of Heaven” come down and meet the “Chimes of Eastwood” then ring out together? That’s the sound you hear when those fabulous guys of song “The New Tulsans” give forth with their amazing voices their praises to our God!

It all started when they came bouncing in around 9:30 AM this morning to set up. No one was present yet, but their cheery spirits just lit up the room. After setting up their equipment they started “rehearsing” around 10:00 AM…our set up crew plus a few early birds were on hand but it didn’t matter…joy was floating all around!

“Rehearsal” continued until about 10:30 AM…the “Joy” spirit soon became evident as each newcomer grabbed the spirit for himself as he greeted old friends and also made a few new ones, too! Old timers and new visitors…made no difference!!
Break time at 10:30; The New Tulsans grabbed a cup of coffee, then slipped off to put on their “Sunday Go To Meetin” singing garb and the rest of us just kept on yakkin’ with our new found friends plus old buddies, too! Oops, last call for coffee or tea and the little room around the corner!! Ha!
At 10:45 the Glory time began…and as the old timers might say “They sang more songs than you can shake a stick at”…but, we will try and list a few of them here…and if one of these ain’t your favorite…well, it should be!!”

Worship The Name of The Lord”, “Unclouded Day”, “Somebody Loves Me” and then “Where Could I Go”…Hang on, brother, cause it gets a whole lot better…“The Lighthouse”, “I’m Feeling Fine”, (Toe Tappin’ allowed here), “Still Feeling Fine” and then “He Touched Me”…oh oh oh….

Coming up next were these goodies “I’ll Be Living That Way”, “When I Get Carried Away”, “I Know That He’s Leading” and then that heaven-bound number “Midnight Cry”…

“Just Beyond the Sunset”, “We’ll Soon Be Done”, “When I Wake Up”, “Sinner Saved By Grace”, “Who Am I” and another toe tapper “Good Bye World Good Bye”…and by this time the New Tulsans were not new anymore…they were our best buddies and then some!!

Their last medley of songs “O What A Savior”, He Set Me Free” “I’ve Been With Jesus” and the finale “I Bowed My Knees” left us uplifted in a way that cannot be described…only felt. Thank You, New Tulsans” for coming our way…and, just for the record, they promised to come back again…and it can’t be too soon, either!

Just before the last song, one of the guys said they had to quit cause the smell of the fried chicken over on the food table was just “too much” to endure any longer! And just because they were our special guests, we “reluctantly” let them go first through the chow line…BIG MISTAKE! Those guys can eat!!

Also, a first for the goodie line…the pecan pie lasted until the end…the fantasy lasted only til we discovered there were three pecan pies today…Hooray for the good guys!

One nice thing we noticed today…seems like everybody hung around to visit…think we were hoping to hear those fabulous guys sing some more…but, alas, they had to get back to their regular work jobs…a good crowd today, too…so…

Til Next Month,
Your Senior Guys and Gals


New Tulsans

“The New Tulsans”

"Enjoying The Music"

“Enjoying The Music”


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Did you ever have one of those days when you just felt like you were floating around on a cloud?  Everything was just going your way and you were in love with the whole world!! Well, today was one of those days!!

The incomparable Joyce Johnson and her musical troupe dropped in today, set up shop about 10:30 and then let the good times roll!! With music that stirred your heart strings, tugged away a few tears, made your feet go pitty-pat…and filled your soul…Lord Jesus, we are ready…come and get us!

Joyce and her band, repeat and very welcome visitors, brought joy and happiness today to us even more than ever…about 75 Seniors had their wish bones filled to the brim with songs of both joy and inspiration, plus a little fun, too!

But before we go too far, let us introduce you to this marvelous group of  gospel troubadours…Joyce Johnson, the talented and gracious leader and soloist…she not only sings beautifully but writes many of her own inspirational hymns…accompanied today by John Buffington on the Steel Guitar…also in the mix was  Doug York as Lead Guitar…and he can sing, too!!

Next up is Harold Blake on the Drums…as you watch him, you will pat your feet for sure…guaranteed!! Joyce and her band, repeat and very welcome visitors, brought joy and happiness today to us even more than ever…about 75 Seniors had their wish bones filled to the brim with songs of both joy and inspiration, plus a little fun, too!

But before we go too far, let us introduce you to this marvelous group of  gospel troubadours…Joyce Johnson, the talented and gracious leader and soloist…she not only sings beautifully but writes many of her own inspirational hymns…accompanied today by John Buffington on the Steel Guitar…also in the mix was  Doug York as Lead Guitar…and he can sing, too!!

Next up is Harold Blake on the Drums…as you watch him, you will pat your feet for sure…guaranteed!! And last, but certainly not least, was Greg Cossey on the Bass Guitar…and there you have it…so, sitback and climb your way up to heaven as they sing and play your favorite hymns…and a few new ones, too! And yes, you can sing along…or hum a few bars too!

The gang played and sang for over an hour…let’s see if we can remember all the numbers…starting with “Jesus, Hold My Hand,” followed by a crowd favorite, “I’ll Fly Away” and then a real foot patter, “Turn Your Radio On”…

Coming up next was “The Thing” and another crowd sing-a-long, “I Saw The Light” followed by that spiritual up lifter “He Is My Everything”…then came two special numbers, “Take Me To His Throne,” and a Joyce Johnson original, “Heaven or Hell”…needless to say, we are now on that great ladder going straight up!

 A little fun came next with John Buffington on the steel guitar with that famous number, “Steel Guitar Rag”…an all-time favorite, of course!!

Four more numbers followed before lunch…“What A Beautiful Day,” “The Last Mile” (a song written by Joyce for sweethearts everywhere), “Life’s Railway to Heaven,” and then another Joyce original, “I Came Through Another Storm Today”…

Before we realized it, noon time rolled around and it was time for the goodie bag…With John Buffington of the band leading the way, mass exodus to the chow line began. Those Baptist eggs disappeared in a hurry, along with that other well-known commodity, Southern Fried Chicken…but we managed to survive the luncheon attack and then sat back for a jam-filled encore by Joyce and the guys!  

Those after lunch numbers included “Satisfied” (remember that old tune?), “The God Of The Mountain,” followed by a soul-searching number, “Mansion Over the Hilltop.” Next, came Joyce’s most requested number, “Honky Tonk To Heaven” which she wrote, then another heart thumper, “The Lighthouse”…

 Her last number turned out to be four, but who’s counting? “Riding The Range For Jesus,” “Stroll Over Heaven,” another old gospel hymn, “When We All Get To Heaven” and last, but certainly not least, “Until Then”…. Joyce, come back real soon, pretty please!!

Now that your soul has been fed, let’s tickle your palate with a few of the goodies served up today…and nobody went away hungry for sure! Don’t remember all but let’s try…fried chicken, deer chili, taco soup, BBQ meatballs, fried fish fillets w/hushpuppies of course, baked beans, green beans, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, casseroles of all kinds, Bing cherry salad, Baptist eggs, coleslaw, fruit trays, dinner rolls, plus every kind of dessert you can imagine…and yes, there were two pecan pies today but not anymore!!

Until next time,

Your Senior Gals & Guys

Band #2                                                                                          Joyce Johnson’s Band

Joyce 2-13-2014                                                                                                     “Joyce Johnson singing”


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Today our Seniors stepped back in time for just a little while. It was easy to pretend we were back at the ole’ country church singing those old hymns we knew and grew up with as a child!

Or maybe you could remember those long ago brush arbor sing-a-longs, singing those inspirational tunes without even a song book, just wonderful memories. It was also a time today to remember Grandma and Grandpa who just took it for granted that everybody went to the “Singin” . . . they took their “vittles” and camped out for the day. Remember now, they could barely read or write . . . but my, oh my, how they loved to sing!

You also probably remember as a child sneakin’ out a bit to play with your favorite buddy . . . and somehow you always got caught! And we also know you will never forget those famous words, “Just wait ‘til I get you home.” Ha. .

Today, our own Jeremy Rhodes took us all on that journey. Accompanied by his very talented pianist, Shirley Francis, we journeyed down that path of precious memories, singing those ole’ gospel favorites. Let’s see if we can remember all of them.

Jeremy led off with two of his old favorites, “How Great Thou Art” and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” . . . one of the guys mentioned that “What a Friend” was number 95 in his hymn book back in his teenage days . . . sweet memories, indeed!

From there, we began singing songs from some old hymn books that Jeremy found in storage . . . as selected by the group themselves! First song up was another old favorite “He Lives,” followed by that great promise song, “One Day” . . . how marvelous were all those voices lifting us up in song!

Next selections were “Heaven Came Down” and then a real blessing to all with, “Faith Is The Victory”. . . then, came a song that no one needed a book for, “I Love to Tell the Story.” Following that was a toe-tapper hymn, “Count Your Blessings.” We can all still see the old folks of yesteryear singing that one!

And we didn’t need a hymnal to sing the words of the next two either, “Blessed Assurance” and “He Touched Me.” The next one, “Love Lifted Me” brought back marvelous memories of those fleeting college days sitting around the campfire at the Baptist Student Union.

With time running out, we joined in two old uplifting numbers, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” and that joyous number, “He Keeps Me Singing.” And now, a huge “Thank You” to Jeremy and Shirley for bringing back to us a storehouse of blessings and old memories.

From there it was time to participate in that famous tradition of “Eatin” on the Grounds” . . .  except we were all indoors . . .  oh well . . .  we can pretend, can’t we?

 The goodie bag included barbecue chicken, a macaroni dish, green salads, lots of vegetables, our old friend, Baptist eggs, another veggie tray, potato salad, vegetable soup, taco soup, sliced cantaloupe, plus a number of desserts that were not on the “Daniel List” . . . Ha!

Til next month,

Your Senior Guys & Gals

''Jeremy Rhodes'' Singing


"Shirley Francis on Piano

‘Shirley Francis and Jeremy Rhodes providing music from the hymnals

SENIOR SCENE 11-14-2013

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November 14, 2013 MEETING





Just three short days ago, our nation observed the time honored tradition of recognizing our patriotic ancestors and veterans soldiers who have made this beloved country of ours a nation of free men under God . . . Veterans Day or, as the older guys and gals remember . . . Armistice Day . . . a special day in history!

 And in two weeks from today, we will celebrate the wonderful day of Thanksgiving to honor our Pilgrim ancestors who had the early vision and desire to start a new country as God would direct them.

Today, the Seniors at Eastwood celebrated these two very important days in our lives . . . we gave tribute to those among us who have served so unselfishly and we also celebrated with a feast of goodies and more goodies!

We began with a rousing start . . . Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag and then our MusicMinister, Jeremy Rhodes, led us in the singing of our National Anthem . . . and we joined right along with him, too!

Next, our own Music Maestro, Wayne Ward, led us in singing a number of patriotic numbers, including singing one of our favorites, “God Bless America” with a bit of assistance from the “volunteered” Jeremy Rhodes! And it was an honor to stand and sing along with them!

Following that, we did a very impromptu and well received recognition of our guys who had served in the military in bygone years . . . all the way from World War 11 forward! As each stood and gave us a poignant time of remembrance, it was easy to place yourself there alongside him as he shared that moment of time!

And to add to the special remembrances, we were blessed to hear the testimony of a few who shared with us how God had blessed them so and looked after them in their special times of need, protecting them from harm’s way when nothing else could!

We would like to pause and recognize one very special World War II vet, our own, Lew Dillon, who was not able to be with us today. Lew has served the Seniors of Eastwood faithfully and loyally over these many years and yes, he also served in the military . . . serving in North Africa and southern Europe, where the fighting was hard and furious at times. We salute you, Lew, and may you always be with us because you will always be in our hearts!

Remember we mentioned about the feast of Thanksgiving we were having today? Well, we did . . . more food than you can imagine but we could partake . . . ha!

So, let’s just pretend its two weeks down the road and check out the goodies on our plates! Let’s start with . . .you guessed it . . . turkey and dressing, followed by lots of fried chicken, pizza casserole, gumbo soup, cheese and crackers, salads galore . . . potato, macaroni, pea and fruit just to name a few!

And we must have some of those famous Baptist eggs along with that pink fluff stuff, a smidgeon of pineapple and cottage cheese also . . . and the most important part of the goody line . . . cranberry sauce of course!

Time to go back to the line again . . . forgot to get some of those scalloped potatoes and baked beans . . . they are a must with turkey and dressing, of course! To finish off the day, we had to try the dessert bar . . . pumpkin pie, pecan pie, lemon pie, plus a huge line of chocolate goodies. . . including peanut butter fudge cookies . . . just wonder if the Pilgrims had any of those . . . ha!

What a wonderful time we had today . . . celebrating two very important times in our lives . . . Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

God has so richly blessed us and now, let’s share these blessings with others!

 Your Senior guys and Gals

Happy Thanksgiving

"Think Frances is getting a larger portion than Bill"

“Think Frances is getting a larger portion than Bill”

When do they serve the desert?

“When do they serve the dessert?” Gerald Weems & Friend, Vera Wilson

Lew Dillon Tulsa World 2-24-2011

Our own WW2 Veteran, Lew Dillon

Senior Scene 10-10-2013

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Just like that old favorite song made popular by Bill Gaither, “Old Friends” are still the best and they were with us today. Our own “Gloryland Transfer” guys brought their homespun singing today and made themselves right at home. So, let’s take off our shoes, put on the slippers, and sit back and relax cause comfort and sweet sound is gonna fill your heart and soul.

The real treasure of song is led by our own Wayne Ward, who has been the “Maestro” from the beginning . . . so, let’s listen to what’s coming. First up, was that upbeat number, “He Set Me Free,” with soloists, Bob Fisher and John Gregory leading out. And yes, you can wiggle your toes, tap your feet, clap your hands, sing along . . . whatever!

Following that was the song that always brings tears of joy in our remembrance of our loved ones who have gone on before, “Precious Memories,” and yes, we cried as we sang along with the guys! Jimmy Neely and Gene Bedingfield were the soloists on this number!

Next up, was a real toe tapper, “Just a Little Talk with Jesus,” with Jim Neely . . . followed by Wayne Ward singing the lead on another wonderful old favorite, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee.”

Time to introduce all the guys just in case you didn’t already know; let’s see, from left to right, Dane Cearley, Lew Dillon, Bob Fisher, Gerald Weems, John Gregory, Prentiss Wade, Maestro Wayne Ward, Jimmy Neely, Jerry Rhodes, and Gene Bedingfield. Woops, forgot one, Roadie, in training, Jeremy Rhodes. You see what we mean when we say, “Old Friends” and they are also among our “Best Friends” too!

Okay, up next was a wonderful old song, “Into My World” with the solo part being sung by Prentiss Wade. Following that, was another high stepper, (pardon the pun) “Step Into he Water” . . . we’re only about half way through and already we are half way to Heaven, or so it seems.

Next up was a spiritual uplifting at it’s best, “Child of the King” with the solo part being sung by Prentiss Wade . . . then, we were really on our way when Soloist Jim Neely led out on that great old song, “The Old Gospel Ship.”

The guys finished up with two special numbers, “Sinner Saved By Grace,” with the solo part sung by Wayne Ward, and the last song was a promise, “God is Able.”

Time is up already and they just started, or so it seemed. A very special guest today was George Huestis, Missionary to Brazil, who is returning to Brazil at the end of the month. Welcome, Sir and God Bless.

You are right and now it is time to eat and that we did. We asked Jerry Rhodes to lead in prayer (we did not want him to be first in the chow line.) And then, it was “goodie” time.

We had lots of fried chicken, barbecue meatballs, beans & wieners, goulash, sauerkraut and wieners, plus beans & cornbread on the entrée table. Close by was Taco soup with cheese, followed by macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, potato salad, asparagus casserole, green bean casserole,  sweet potatoes, plus Baptist eggs. Also located a dish of mandarin orange Jell-O salad and a fruit Compote.

Now for the delicious deserts, we had pumpkin, lemon, pecan and apple pies plus a brownie refrigerator cake, an Angel food cake, with an assortment of cookies.

Next month is our annual tribute to veterans and our special guests will be the Union High School JROTC guys and girls paying tribute, not only to our current veterans, but also those of the past as well as our MIA’s. You do not want to miss this one and come prepared to be inspired and also very proud of our young cadets as they tell us a story.

Until next month,

Your Senior Guys and Gals

Gloryland Transfer 10-10-2013 #4“GLORYLAND TRANSFER”

Dane Cearley, Lew Dillon, Bob Fisher, Gerald Weems, John Gregory, Prentiss Wade, Maestro Wayne Ward, Jimmy Neely, Jerry Rhodes, and Gene Bedingfield.



Senior Scene 9-12-2013

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Feelin’ blue? Down in the dumps? Lost your last friend? Lonesome?

Then you need what we had today . . . a real first-class Five-Hour boost of energy that Rome and Lisa Ingle brought us in blessed song and testimony as we were re-energized by this dynamic duo of husband and wife team!

No fancy frills . . . no whirling lights . . . no blaring sounds . . . just the simple testimony of what Christ has done in their lives . . . and it was presented in both word and song with that eternal message that lives on forever!

But first, a special welcome to our first-time visitors, Harold and Michel McKaughan . . . also, Jacob Turnage . . . you honored us with your visit . . . We look forward to your return.

Both Rome and Lisa presented us with a number of inspirational songs . . . some old, some new . . . mixed in with their testimonies of what Christ has done in their lives . . . duet and also solo . . . we hung on to every  word.

Some of the songs presented today were: “He’s Still in the Fire,” followed by that blessed old song, “Thanks To Calvary,” which really brought back memories of by-gone days . . . some good and some not so good. Thank you Lord for that eternal promise!

Next, a classic favorite, “Jesus Saves,” think we all sort of sung along on that one . . . followed by a new favorite, “He Grew The Tree” . . . a thought that brought home a more meaningful realization of the Crucifixion to each of us.

“I Thirst,” came next, then another soul searcher, “I believe in a Hill called Mt. Calvary.” Rome followed that with a personal testimony in song, “Old Man is Dead” then, a song of eternal hope, “Find Us Faithful” and they ended their musical testimony today with a very special rendering of “Had it Not Been.” Our Five-Hour Spiritual  Energy boost is gonna last a lot longer than that! Do hurry back and real soon, you heah!

And, as our special guests today, Rome and Lisa were invited to be the first in the chow line . . . and they were . . . and we have the pics to prove it . . . and of course, we must give “special recognition” to J. C. Herring, who “sacrificed himself” and very ably assisted and guided Rome and Lisa to the front of the food line. Don’t tell anybody but not only did he do the leading, but he also did the “staying.” Did notice that he does like fried chicken . . . but then, who doesn’t?

Lots and lots of goodies today . . . soups, gumbo, pizza, lasagna, casseroles, salads, (including our former President’s favorite, BROCCOLI) veggies, fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, and gobs of Baptist eggs . . . desserts were also plentiful with assorted pies, cakes, a wee bit of fudge, fruit trays and yes, that item that always disappears first, pecan pie. Did you happen to get a piece of that upside-down pizza? It was delicious. 

Coming up next month on the schedule will be our own Gloryland Transfer on Thursday, Oct. 10 and following that on Thursday, November 14, will be the much asked for repeat of the “Tribute To Veteran’s Program” presented to us last year (and will be again this year) by the Union High School JROTC Cadets. Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss either.

Till Then,

Your Senior Guys and Girls.
                                                             “J. C. Herring & daughter, Shirley”


                                                                                                        “LISA & ROME INGLE SINGING”

Lisa & Rome Singing

                                                                                                 “LISA INGLE SINGING”

Lisa Ingle #2


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A capacity crowd filled the Family Life Center today as we slowly and softly, literally inhaled the words of the beautiful old song, “He Touched Me” as our favorite trio brought a bouquet of music to our hearts and souls today.

Although that was only one song of many, it also became our “Theme” for the day as Wayne, John T. and Jimmy covered us with a blanket of musical love as we felt the presence of the Lord dwelling not only within us, but also among us in this time of worship and praise.

We were delighted to have a number of guests and first-timers today but none were more special than our Eastwood Day Campers (young, elementary age kiddos) who joined us today, filling up those empty seats and spilling over onto the floor . . . watching them sing along, clapping their hands, patting their feet on the floor, and seeing the joy on their faces as they worshipped right along with us.

Food was plentiful today but the most popular dish was also a first-time dish for us, too . . . FRESH peaches with heaps of ice cream . . . never mind all that fried chicken . . . let’s eat dessert first . . . and, believe it or not, rumor has it that some of us did just that!

Another heart-warming feature was that of Wayne Ward’s two-year old great-grandson, making himself right at home, with his “Junior Pilot’s Cap” and all . . . and did you see him grab that microphone stand and sing along after the guys had finished? Got the pics to prove it too!

Guess it’s time to formally introduce our program personalities . . . our dynamic trio that we lovingly call “The Triplets” is led by our very own  Maestro, Wayne Ward, a member of Eastwood who also leads that outstanding group of male singers, “Gloryland Transfer” . . . then, we have John T. Wills, former member of Eastwood and still loved by all, and last but certainly not least, our former Music Minister, Jimmy Lawbaugh, who is currently the Worship Pastor at Southwood Baptist Church here in Tulsa.

And, we must not forget the rookie, “Roadie” for the group, Jeremy Rhodes, who is a musical Jack of All Trades!

And now let’s travel down the road with our “Triplets” to that glorious medley praise . . .

The guys started off with a resounding number, “I Played in the Band,” followed by a sweet version of “God Gave The Song.” Our hearts were then captured by a rendition of an old favorite, “There’s Something About That Name.”  

Next, came an uplifting number, “Feeling At Home In the Presence of Jesus” . . . an impromptu surprise followed that (just like they rehearsed it, of course) . . . Wayne called up the “Roadie” Jeremy, to join in a fun song, “Joy In the Camp” amid “rehearsed” protests, he then assisted in making our fabulous trio a most outstanding quartet. AMEN AND AMEN!

After the fun, “The Triplets” brought us the inspirational number, “I Will Serve Thee,” and following that came our THEME song for the day, “He Touched Me” which left us all on the path to Glory.

Closing out, the guys sang a fun song, “I Just Feel Like Something Good is About to Happen” but, wait, we had to have an encore, of course! And it was the quartet number hands down, “Joy In The Camp!”

With guests and first-timers leading the way, it was then time to check our the Baptist Workplace (food line) . . . and with our large crowd, the goodies soon disappeared . . . fried chicken, Baptist Eggs, asparagus casserole, pecan pie . . . you name it, we ate it  . . . including that huge bucket of ice cream! WOW

Again, a special vote of thanks to “The Triplets” and we do expect you to return and real soon at that. Also, a warm welcome to all those little tykes who filled the room with their big smiles and laughter! Come back soon!

Til Next month,

Your Senior Guys and Gals

The Quartet #2

“The Quartet, Jeremy, Wayne, John T. & Jimmy”

Bonnie & Peggy #2“Bonnie & Peggy – Clyde Jones’ Daughters”

Mack & Mike“Captain Mike – This is the Day that the Lord Has Made”

SENIOR SCENE 7-11-2013

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                          DON’T BOTHER ABOUT COMING DOWN

Remember that ole’ game you played those long years ago . . . believe it was called “King of the Mountain” and you never wanted to come down . . . well . . .

Today was that day as we listened with rapt attention as that well-known gospel group, “The Ambassadors” thrilled us with their heavenly inspired music and song that literally filled the room all around.

And we were not kiddin’ about that either! The group, headed up by Mike Harris, along with Reese Klepacz and Tom Chilcoat, brought their own sound equipment, which, incidentally was all the well-known Bose brand . . . their speakers were so well turned and oriented that there was not a single dead spot in receiving or hearing anywhere in the entire room. And that is a FIRST for us . . . not even our own speaker system is that good!

The group arrived around 9:45 a,m, and began to set up  . . . after meeting and greeting so  many of their old friends, they began their musical concert around 10:45, breaking shortly after 11:00 a.m. just long enough for a brief prayer and welcome for everyone. And then it was back to the musical testimonies til around 12:00 noon . . . and then, as Mike so eloquently spoke, it was time for the main course for Baptists Fried chicken with all the trimmins’ . . . and who were we to discourage such a feat as that?

And, just in case you were wondering, they sang and sang, some songs were scheduled, some were impromptu, and some were request numbers . . . we’ll try to list them all for you.

The Ambassadors started off promptly at 10:45 a.m. with an old favorite, “Good Times,” then they got us in the mood with “I’ll Fly Away,” and next everybody’s favorite, “The Old Rugged Cross.” A foot tapper came next, “Get Ready,” then, a real crowd pleaser, “Cleaned, Clothed, and Crowned.”

A bit of personal testimony was shared, followed by “He Set Me Free.” then, another hand clapper, :”Joy, Joy, Joy in My Heart,” and next a real heart warmer, “The First Day in  Heaven.” . . . that one brought a few tears . . . it was only natural that the next number was, “What a Day That will Be,” then came “Beulah Land.”

Following that was a special number, “We Ought To Stand and Praise The Lord” and we did that too! Shortly after that came lunch time and our guests really knew how to get in line for that!

With guests going first in line, followed by our regular gang, the food sort of “disappeared” . . . at least, the bowls of this and that began to reflect a keen condition of “not here” anymore! We did have a dish or two other than fried chicken . . . let’s see, There were a couple of dishes of baked beans, casseroles, wieners and sauerkraut, plus a long line of salads and fresh fruit . . . and Baptist eggs, of course!

There were also a “few” desserts . . . The usual cakes, pies, and cookies. One item we have noticed . . . the “Baptist eggs” and pecan pies always seem to empty out about the same time as the fried chicken . . . if not before . . . ha . . .

After lunch, around 12:45 p.m,. the Ambassadors did a few encore numbers, including an A Cappella solo of “How Great Thou Art” by Reese.Then came a request number, “The Lighthouse” followed by “Getting Ready to Leave This World” and finishing up with “God Wants to Hear You Sing” and the good part of all this is that they promised to do a return visit and real soon, too! Can hardly wait, either!

Til next month,

Your Senior Guys and Gals

By-the way, next month, our special guests will be Wayne Ward, Jimmy Lawbaugh, and John T, Wills! Bring your blessing box for that!

Praise the Lord, Dale is out of the hospital.

Dale & Karen Trude Colo 7 -2013

The Ambassadors #1THE AMBASSADORS

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