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Take a fourth grade boy, send him to Sunday School, put him in the Youth Choir, then send him to Faith Week . . . then let him out into the Mission Field . . . that’s what you call “Preparation for a Miracle.”

And now, you can see and hear the magical voice of our very own, Jeremy Rhodes, grandson of Jerry and Joann Rhodes, a boy who listened to the “Voice of God,” following his very own star.

His star was the product of so many of you, each touching and teaching him with the love and kindness that was surely reflected back to us today as Jeremy led both in song and testimony his spiritual marriage to our Lord.

Jeremy has spent the past 15 years associated with the Rick Renner Ministries and has been to Russia many, many times. His testimony was reinforced as he mesmerized us in song as well. He led off with the beautiful song, “No More Night,” followed by the “Blood of Jesus” medley.

Next came, “Day Star,” followed by a heart-throbbing version of Bill and Gloria Gaither song, “Because He Lives.” Next, came one of our all-time favorites, “I Can Only Imagine,” . . . then, Cloud Nine move over, you have company.

Two more crowd pleasers followed, “There is Something About That Name” . . . and we did join in singing right along with Jeremy . . . and the finale, “He’s Alive.”

Oh, by-the-way, most of us may have forgotten, but Jeremy was one of the stars of Eastwood’s  Musical Pageant  number of years ago. He carried the “Baby Jesusand didn’t drop him either!

(In 2010, the song “I Can Only Imagine” was certified platinum by the RIAA for sales of over one million digital downloads, and is the first (and so far only) Christian single to reach that milestone).

And what better way to end the day than tell you about the little tidbits that adorned the food tables . . . all three of them.

Fried chicken (of course,) more fried chicken, BBQ meat balls, meat loaf, gumbo, green beans, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato casserole and a brand new dish, sweet potato soufflé.

There were two big dishes of Baptist eggs, lettuce salad, pea salad, and also a delicious potato salad. Last, but certainly not least, were a few tasty morsels . . . lemon cake, lemon pie, home-made apple pie, cupcakes, brownies, and pecan pie.

We have a motto, “No dish left any way but empty. Well, we ate at least 110 percent today. Sounds like you should have been there!

Til next month,

Your Senior Adult Guys and Gals

"My turn, my turn!"

"Proud Grandparents, Jerry & Joann Rhodes

Jeremy Rhodes singing "He's Alive!"


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